Seven months to go, tons of questions to answer

Um, I have a question. Or, a ton of them. Source: Wootube!

We still have seven months to go until we can get a dog (but who’s counting??), and so I still have a lot of time to research, read books, meet dogs, and gather advice from seasoned dog people (like yourself). I go back and forth a lot about what breed/breed mix we should get, where we should get him/her from, and what our priorities are for a canine companion.

As with many major decisions, I keep vacillating about what kind of dog we should get. At the end of the day, I don’t really care if we get a purebred anything. I just want a dog (with a few qualities as a starting point for how to sift through all the overwhelming options).

There are still so many questions that tumble through my mind at this point…

  • Is it wrong to want a purebred sometimes? Is it wrong to get really jealous when a friend announces that she and her new husband are looking for an Aussie puppy?
  • Will I be emotionally strong enough to turn down a potential rescue if it’s really not the right dog for us?
  • Is it unwise for us to adopt an adult GSD if it’s our first dog?
  • Will we be able to handle various behavior problems?
  • Am I even mentally prepared for the amount of dog hair that will coat our house?
  • How hard will it be to train my husband all of these things that I have learned?
  • Which vet should we go to in town? How do we know if we have a good vet?
  • What if our dog doesn’t like other dogs? Or worse, hates kids? Can I help him/her with that?

Are these questions out of control, or are some of them worth thinking long and hard about? If you have any of the answers, do share! I’m all ears.