Snow romp

More snow

The snow has all melted now, but when it’s here, Pyrrha certainly delights in it.

More snow

Hope you are all well and warm! Pyrrha doesn’t know it yet, but we’re already getting really excited about our visit to her little Aunt Georgia in a few weeks. I hope she is able to temper her excitement and play gently with baby Georgia, who is only about 7 lbs.

Unrelated: Anybody want a 45-lb. bag of Taste of the Wild, Pacific Stream? Turns out Pyrrha’s digestive tract really does NOT like salmon! May try to donate it to the local shelter or her rescue, if they’ll take it…

Pyrrha’s first snow

Pyrrha's first snow

I didn’t get super shots, because I took out the old camera (didn’t want to ruin my DSLR with any water damage), but here’s Pyrrha’s first encounter with snow! The kid loved it. It made her positively giddy. (Video proof below.)

Pyrrha's first snow

Eating snow is also a very absorbing game (even if we just got a small dusting).

Pyrrha's first snow


Video 1
Video 2

Fun to watch her romp in it this afternoon, but I confess I’m really desperate for some sun and warmth…

Hanging out in the backyard

Just some recent photos of Pyrrha hanging out in the backyard.

Sniffing around, while G. is in the tree
Sniffing around, while Guion is up in his hop tree.
Hanging out in the backyard
My pretty girl.
Watching a butterfly
Butterfly watching.
Hanging out in the backyard
Relaxing, with her beloved nasty bone by her side.

Pyrrha’s favorite backyard activities:

  • Patrolling the perimeter for the neighbor dogs (on both sides of our fence)
  • Chasing butterflies, moths, and bees
  • Getting a case of the “zoomies” when she thinks we’re not watching
  • Digging little holes like a gopher
  • Gnawing on that nasty old bone

What does your pup like to do in your yard?